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Dear friends,

You may know us as the "bread people" at the Farmers' Market, but there is a lot more to Grassroots than just that! Our work on environmental education spans a wide landscape of issues from pesticides to wireless radiation to food safety to chemicals in everyday products. 

With the support of individuals like you, Grassroots has accomplished many of our goals over the past year. Here are a few highlights:

NYC Pesticide Legislation

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On Earth Day 2021, the New York City Council voted unanimously to ban the use of chemical pesticides in all city parks. Grassroots played a major role in every aspect of this ban - from writing the ban's language to organizing a strong coalition of stakeholders and lobbying every member of the City Council.

Grassroots' 5G Organizing

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Through our project Americans for Responsible Technology, Grassroots is helping local governments and grassroots organizations gain control over the deployment of 5G antennas in their communities. We develop professional communications materials and sample zoning policies any community can use.  

Making Schools Safer

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Grassroots' TechSafe Schools program takes aim at the dangerous levels of radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies in today's classrooms. With a team of lawyers, scientists and engineers, Grassroots is offering school districts and private schools faster and safer wired options to access the internet for on-line learning. 

Green Street Radio

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Our weekly radio show and podcast, Green Street, is now being syndicated around the country on the Pacifica network. The hour long  show gives us a platform to fulfill our mission to inform the public about the links between common environmental exposures and human health. 

This holiday season, why not consider a gift to Grassroots? 

Grassroots Environmental Education is a registered 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organizations. Donations to Grassroots are fully tax deductible. 

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